WordPress Options for Businesses

The standard WordPress account is easy and quick to set up a blog for business use. The basic content of WordPress fulfills many marketing needs. The website and blog can easily set up a strong, quick brand recognition opportunity as well as deepen brand association and loyalties. What WordPress cannot do without assistance from plug-ins, however, is enhance the functions businesses' might find essential for directing traffic to the site into the targeted messages.

WordPress was fortunately designed by future looking developers who knew that the users of the software application might have different needs. Recognizing the power of thought, creativity and implementation that peer users would bring to the process of product development was the shining jewel in WordPress' crown of functionality.

Thousands of plug-in modifications are available for customizing the content on WordPress for display, function and information gathering. Libraries on the Internet abound with a variety of options that can be added into the basic WordPress software with a few clicks of the mouse. Many of these options were designed by people who had a business need and because the content is an open source free ware many of the newly created options are available to other users for little to no cost.

Some options available to companies using WordPress for building websites to enhance program functionality include content aware sidebars, enhanced text widgets, backup and recovery options, search engine optimizers, spam management, page and content editors, forms for customer management and relationship development, page sharing options, caching features, and broken link resource management.

Plug-in modifications were designed by other WordPress users to overcome the limitations of the basic package. There is a universal recognition that improved functionality and shared knowledge will benefit the commercial and the private market as a whole.

The whole process of customising WordPress options for a business should be of a two pronged nature. Of concern to any business should be that the options implemented absolutely improve business efficiency, productivity and revenue generation. The other equally valid and legitimate concern is that the options definitively make life easier and more convenient for the customer to get what they want from the interaction with the business.

Businesses choosing to use WordPress should not let the basic package deter the development of a blog. The WordPress application is preferred by 60 million or more individual users of the program for reaching out to others on the Internet. Because of the product's popularity and wide reaching influence, it is essential that a business developing web content not miss the impact that such a highly customizable and cost effective tool can bring to bear on the targeted audience.

Despite the wide array of options available to WordPress users, plug-ins should be carefully vetted before download. Businesses that create their website and blog who do not update the WordPress product regularly and take care in the security implementation will have problems. Since plug-ins are designed by peers and have no standards of development in place for quality, a poorly designed or written plug-in can have gaps or weakness inside the code that allow Internet attackers to manipulate the application to their advantage, often to the detriment of the business.

Options for businesses to shock and awe consumers and targeted audience will mean little if the company is riddled with problems caused by poor security measures. This means the business should use a secure server and have options for backup and recovery in place. Paying for a plug-in designed and secured by the quality promises of a company might add a little to the cost of using WordPress but there are libraries of technology developed and maintained by software developers with an eye towards safe, secure quality business tools.

Before downloading and incorporating any plug-ins for WordPress, a smart business will investigate and verify content source prior to customizing the content. Once the matter of security is addressed, the process of adding to the WordPress experience is easy, quick and very productive.

WP Engine, VIP Cloud Hosting and Support, the Marketing TechBlog and DK New Media are four examples of software resources identified in 2013 as providing superior products and servers to businesses planning on incorporating WordPress into the social media marketing attempts online.

WordPress is a very cost effective tool for managing online marketing and social media. With the addition of the peer designed and supported plug-ins, the software is also very diverse and flexible.